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Tax laws and regulations are in a constant state of change and we expect the trend to continue. As local Michigan Tax Preparation & Planners specializing in the Michigan, we break down the more complex ideas for our clients. A greater premium is placed on accurate and timely tax planning and preparation.

At Mike Dempsey and Associates , our experienced tax services department anticipates tax opportunities as opposed to reacting to them.

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Mike Dempsey & Associates, our team of Accounting and Tax Specialists will help you in reducing and resolving your finacial liabilities. Businesses and individuals in Michigan turn to Mike Dempsey and Associates to resolve their tax problems every day.

The professionals here are dedicated to finding a permanent solution to your tax problem, always striving to achieve the best possible results for our clients utilizing the broadest range of tax relief strategies. From the easiest solutions like re-filing and amending tax returns or securing a long term payment plan that is within your budget. To the most difficult like, submitting and negotiating an Offer in Compromise tax settlement, eliminating unreasonable penalties or helping your business get a fresh start - we are here to help you every step along the way!


Whether you owe five thousand or five million we welcome you to give us a call, e-mail us or download our free tax help guides. We offer a free IRS check up and a free in-depth financial consultation. We guarantee that after your consultation you will know: how much you owe, when the collection statute will expire, what collection status you are currently in, and how we, as professionals in the industry, would resolve your case. Best of all you will be talking with an experienced tax professional, not a pushy salesman.

We analyze every case as if it was our own tax liability and advise you accordingly. With this detailed plan custom tailored to your specific situation you make the decision on when and how to proceed. We offer all of the following services:

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  • Personal (In-Business) Offer in Compromise
  • Wage, Accounts Receivable and Bank Account Levy Release
  • Corporate Shutdown and Business Rebirth
  • Federal Tax Lien Release through Discharge or Subordination
  • Penalty Abatement (Forgiveness)
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • Tax Return preparation
  • State Tax Liability Assistance
  • Tax Debt Financing Assistance
  • Currently Non-Collectible
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Real Estate Tax Lien - Refinance
  • Real Estate Tax Lien -- Home Sale

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Mike Dempsey PhotoWe are the company you can rely on to file taxes the right way when you need help with your tax problems. Having complex tax filing issues, or not having time to do your taxes does not have to be stressful. Tax time is really the time when you should consider hiring one of our experts for IRS tax problem solutions so that you can continue to manage your business and personal affairs without worrying about your taxes.

When people get themselves into difficulty with the IRS, they may not just need a tax consultant. They may also need the assistance of a tax lawyer. If you are having income tax problems that require more than the services of an accountant, call us and talk to one of our tax lawyers. They can advise you on legal tax problems, and give you the professional legal assistance you need.

"If you don't have patience...you'll become one!" by Kelly Dunn

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